Welcome to my Artwork Section. It consists of three categories:
original sketches, photography, and fibre art. This is an opportunity for you to purchase illustrations and original photography used in my books, plus other artwork and needlework art pieces.
The photography section consists of many subjects that I have photographed during my many trips throughout the world. I will sign each photograph (which comes in a complimentary matt). The photo size is 5" x 7" in an 8" x 10" matt. The price for each photograph is $18.95 plus $ 5.00 shipping and handling.
The original sketch area is made up of the many illustrations, paintings, and sketches that I have designed for my various publications. The art work comes in a cream coloured matt and each piece is individually priced. Shipping will be determined per piece.
The fibre art section consists of accessories, projects, and framed art pieces.
I produce most of the fibre art for my class projects and books and it does not often come up for sale. This will be a wonderful opportunity to purchase some of this work. Each piece is one of a kind and will be individually priced. Shipping will be determined per piece.