Add a special touch to Christmas with special Victorian ornaments. The bell, heart, stocking, & basket are highlighted with beads, buttons, laces, and ribbons. Can be made into pendants.
Page 82 Crazy Quilt Handbook 3rd Ed.
SUPPLIES Per Ornament
(Please refer to the basic supplies list also.)
Each ornament requires
• Sewing machine
• 10 – 9” squares of fancy fabrics – satins, silks, cottons,
• (textures, prints, solids)
• 6” sq fancy fabric for backing
• 2 - 6” sq muslin
• 12” sq fleece
• Lace & doilies, braids and trims.
• 1/2 yd. wide lace, ruffled or plain for edging.
• 4mm silk ribbons-variety of colors
• Variety of ribbons to 1/2"wide. Sheers, satin, silk, rayon, wire.
• Variety-embroidery threads. Solids & variegates. Metallics, silks,
• Buttons, Doodads, Beads, Nymo beading thread
• Variety; needles – chenille, sharps, tapestry, darner, embroidery
• 1 yd. rattail cord -2 colors for edging and hanger.
• Strong quilting thread/darning needle
• 10” sq - 200lb. Medium weight Crescent Art Board.
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