What a beautiful way to keep all your sewing notions at hand. The chatelaine is designed after a man’s tie and fits nicely around the neck. It is finished off with two end pockets and highly embellished with crazy quilt stitches, beads and buttons.
Page 60 Crazy Quilt Handbook 3rd. ed.
SUPPLIES (Please refer to the basic supplies list also.)
• Sewing machine
• 1/3 yd. muslin for foundation
• 1/3 yd. cotton fabric for backing (not slippery)
• 1/3 yd. iron-on stiffener
• 12 – 10” sqs. fancy fabrics – silk, poly, cottons, velvets (solids,
textures, prints)
• Two – 5” squares fancy fabric for pocket linings.
• 3” sq. heavy felt for inside pocket
• 12” sq Pellon Fleece for lining pocket fronts.
• 10” sq milky template
• 1/2 yd. – 1.5” fancy ribbon, for pocket loops
1 yd. - 1/4” satin ribbon - for attachments.
• Buttons, Beads, Nymo beading thread
• 4mm silk ribbon, variety of colors – solids and variegates.
• Variety-embroidery threads- solids, variegates – silk, cotton,
• Variety of ribbons, satin,shears,wire, Lace, trims, braids
• Optional : Crazy Quilt pockets only –1/3 yd. fancy fabric for the
front is needed.
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