This class takes the mystery out of creating realistic looking trees, shrubs and grasses in free form e land/seascapes. Judith teaches you the basic embroidery stitches with a variety of materials to create organic shapes. The designs can be used in traditional crazy quilting, embellished garments, freeform land/seascapes and underwater projects. A good class for all levels
SUPPLIES (Please refer to the basic supplies list also.)
• 10” square Black fabric
• 10” square fusible stiffener ironed to the
back of the black fabric
• Variety of bark and leaf colored yarns.
• Variety of variegated embroidery threads
• Six 4mm silk ribbons (think grass, leaves)
• Variety of solid colors embroidery threads
• Hand dyed organza and cheesecloth in
small pieces. (bark and leaf colors)
• 7 mm silk ribbons in bark colors.
• Variety of needles
• Beads and Nymo beading thread
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