Create a beautiful beginner’s mixed medium project using paints, Aida cloth, yarn, and ribbon. This charming small English cottage can be framed as a painting or incorporated into a crazy quilt project.
Page 18. Floral Stitches.
SUPPLIES (Please refer to the basic supplies list also.)
• 5” x 7” (opening) matt - Must bring!!!
• Small count Aida cloth (white) 6” x 8”
• 2 Pellon fleece, 6” x 8”
• Fine permanent pens – brown and black - Mechanical pencil.
• 2 watercolour brushes, large and medium.
• Yarns -golds, greens and mauves, variegates
• Variety of 4 mm silk variegated ribbon - flower colors
• Variety- embroidery threads - greens, flower colors ( silk, cotton,
• Tacky glue, Beads, Nymo thread
• Variety needles - Chenille, tapestry, embroidery, beading
• Teacher will provide watercolor paints.
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