The Victorian lady always displayed her sewing utensils in beautifully embroidered holders—all the better to subtly show off her needlework expertise. Here are two little beauties to protect and show off your favorite pair of embroidery scissors or prized needles. They look marvelous tied into a sewing basket.
Page 60 Art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery.
SUPPLIES (Please refer to the basic supplies list also.)
• 20" sq. poster board.
• 6” square felt
• 2 - 1/2 yd. lengths of rattail cord
• Nymo thread and small metal snap
• Tacky glue and craft spray adhesive
• 10" template plastic for window pattern
• 4mm silk ribbon: dk pink, lght pink, dusty pink, med. turq.,
light turq., gold, 3 shades peach, 4 greens
• 20” sq drapery-weight moiré (fronts and lining)
• 12” sq. iron-on interfacing
• 12” - 1/4” (6mm) satin ribbon to attach scissors
• One 6” double-sided satin ribbon
• Beads and #10 Sharps beading needle
• Needles - variety – sharps, tapestry, chenille, embroidery,
• 5” embroidery hoop
• Two 3/8” (6mm) satin ribbon (peach and dusty pink)
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