East meets West with these elegant little jewelry and gift pouches. Worked in jewel-tone silk fabrics, they look rich and artistic. The little doll pouch is a conversation piece as well. Work them in an array of colors for gift giving and storage of precious keepsakes.
Page 55 Art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery.
SUPPLIES (Please refer to the basic supplies list also.)
For each pouch:
• 8” x 12” rectangle of silk fabric
• 4” embroidery hoop
• 10” sq template plastic
• Silk thread to match ribbon in woodland fern design
• Two 12” lengths of 4mm silk ribbon for drawstring
• Silk buttonhole twist or floss: 3 shades of green
• For fern design: 3 greens, 3 shades orange, pale blue, gold,
• For doll design: 4mm silk ribbon: 3 shades orange, turq.,
gold, green
• For doll head: 2” circle flesh colored silk, 3/4” diameter
styrofoam ball or wood bead
• Perma pens: black & red
• 2 yds. black 4mm silk ribbon for hair
• For regular pouch: eliminate the doll’s head ~ materials.
• 4 mm silk ribbon – 6 greens and 9 florals
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