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February 28, 2003

I am packed and ready to leave for LAX (The Airport) and I am sure I have left something out and some things undone. I am off for a two-month tour in Australia and my first stop will be in Sydney with a transfer to Hobart, Tasmania. Tasmania is a very special place to me as Ernest and I spent our honeymoon in the Hobart area. We stayed at the Elms of Hobart Bed and Breakfast at 452 Elizabeth Street (oo2 313 277) and the owners Sue and Vic Murphy were marvelous hosts. I plan to stop in for a visit and to catch up on their news.

My time in Tasmania will be divided between Hobart, Launceston and Devonport with two days of classes in each place. Prue Febey has arranged everything and I am really looking forward to meeting her...I will keep you posted as we go along.
I have been so very busy getting things in order and the fact that our home in Los Angeles is up for sale has added dramatically to my workload. Ernest and I have to keep the place spotless and all the cats on their best behavior...which is no mean feat!

Our home in Los Angeles is a real old beauty and it will be very hard to leave it but we both want to slow down a bit or at least get it down to just one home! If you would like to see our home inside and out please go to www.realtor.com (The address is 1617 Donaldson Street in Los Angeles and it is listed with Ron Emler of Century 21.)

Water Colour Process on Silk:
I am not very good at the computer but I am enjoying the challenge of learning. Just recently a student told me about www.dharmatrading.com and all about an amazing product called "Print On Silk" by Jacquard that is used with inkjet printers and inkjet copiers. It is washable and permanent and does not need to be steamed.

I am using it to produce watercolours on silk. My process is very simple but effective and I think anyone could do it. I especially think it would be good for producing a picture of your home or a favorite place.

First scan your photograph and determine the size. Now go to PhotoShop or Adobe Photo Deluxe and click on special effects. Go to sketch. This process will turn your photo to a black and white and then find the lines. It will turn the photo to a sketch right before your eyes! Just remember that the dark areas will read as negative space on your sketch, in other words it will look lighter.

I make a copy of the sketch and take it to my light box. With a tissue overlay I trace with fine point pens adding and deleting lines, as I want. I try very hard to keep a light hand while doing this.


Next I scan the tracing into my computer and then print out a plain paper copy to see what the lines will look like. If they are too dark, I make an adjustment. Now I am ready to print it out on 140lb. Water colour paper.

Now my sketch is on the watercolour paper and ready to paint. The sketch lines do not bleed or fade with the painting process. I tend to use more of a dry brush technique as I go along just in case.

Once the painting is finished I scan it into the computer...set my printer up for the silk sheets and print out the watercolour. Wait 24 hours and it will be permanent. Peel the paper away from the back and you are now ready to frame it, add embroidery or work it into a crazy quilt surround.

I am enjoying this process so much that I run out of time for other projects.-Thank you for coming to my web site. I will add more as I go along with my Aussie tour. Until then please take good care of yourself.

Love Always.... Judith

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