April 09, 2003

Hello Everyone,

I am now in Mullumbimby,Queensland,two hours drive,south of Brisbane. Last week I placed an order with Robyn Alexander of Colour Streams and she asked if I would like to see what Heaven looked like. Measuring the odds of ever getting there I replied that I would love to and took her up on her offer of a few days of rest and relaxation.
So I now know what Heaven looks like and what a Heaven it is...Tropical forest, brilliant flowers,exotic birds,sun,sea and champaign surf.  (Oh yes and all the seafood and beautiful fruit you can eat!)

My bed is soft and cushy ,the room is cool and dark with a good reading light right by the bed and there is no clock!  I can get up when I want and I can wander out to her incredible studio filled with reels of exotic threads and ribbon...I am even learning some machine embroidery techniques...But the best thing of all is that I can go snorkling any time and the water is magnificent.  Robyn and I went yesterday to Byron Bay Beach and snorkled out to an old ship wreck...lots of tropical fish, lots of coral. Two sting ray swam by like exotic underwater butterflys.  Just close your eyes and imagine a kite shaped butterfly floating-flying by...

I love the ocean with a passion and ever since I was told that you cannot sink in salt water no matter how hard you try...I have never looked back.  Over the years I have snorkled and dived in so many beautiful places and have even been washed out twice ( I lose all sense of reality and when I have a camera in my hands it is even worse)  Both times I was rescued by Jason who is a strong swimmer and loves his Mummy! I suggest you look for Robyn Alexander's web site www.colourstreams.com.au  She has a wide selection of variegated threads and silk ribbons in 4,7 and 13mm.  Robyn only sells wholesale so if this does not apply to you please let your local shops know and they can carry her products.

I left Ballarat,Victoria on March 31st. and was dropped of at the Melbourne Airport only to find out that I was there one day too early!  What a shock and it was only at the mercy of a very nice Qantus clerk that I got on a plane up to Brisbane!  So my dear friend Ruth Stonely was kind enough to take me in a day early and I was able to get a good rest.  I also managed to sneak in a hair cut,a manicure and a trip to my favorite secondhand book store "The Archives" on Charlotte Street.This marvelous bookstore is filled from floor to celing with books and there are three big rooms to explore.

I was able to visit with Ruth's weekly embroidery group who meet very Monday evening for two hours.  Ruth is a wonderful teacher and has a big following.  Not only is she a Churchill fellow but she designs fabric lines and makes wonderful art quilts and handbags.  I am enclosing a photo of her group and Ruth is the goodlooking one second from the right.
Some of my American readers will recognize her name because of the beautiful garments she has designed for the Houston Quilt Show ( Fairfield Fashion Show).

Thursday through Sunday I taught in Bardon, Queensland at Threads and More. 
This shop is filled with amazing threads and yarns and a very helpful staff.  I had twenty in each class and really enjoyed getting to know the students.  They worked so hard and came up with some amazing projects.  We painted, stained and embellished the landscapes and in spite of a power outtage it went well. (see photo of classe and painting table).
I especially want to thank Ella Janiszewski who single handedly ran the shop on Sunday, my last day of classes.  Not only did she tend all the customers, make all the coffees and the lunches, but she did it with a smile and kind manner.  Ella is a University student studying Media and has one year to go.  She plans to travel when she graduates and will always be welcome at my house!!

I will return to Brisbane tomorrow and will have one last day with Ruthie.The it is off to Melbourne to meet up with my husband Ernest at the Airport.  I will be so glad to see him again and he will be with me for the rest of my trip!!!

Well I am going off for lunch on the beach and a snorkle!  Take good care of yourselvesand all the best.  When I am floating in that warm frothy water I will think of you!...Love Judith, Jude, Mum

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