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Fibreart Montage: Combining Quilting, Embroidery and Photography with Embellishments by Judith Baker Montano has won two major book awards: The International Book Awards for 2010 for the most outstanding “Craft/Hobbies/How-to” category and The Benjamin Franklin Awards recognizing excellence in independent book publishing.

For me and publisher Linda Teufel of Dragon Threads Inc., this is very exciting and a great validation .
I am so proud of this book as it is full of beautiful photographs, step out directions, and covers over nine subjects. The reviews on my book have been wonderful and I hope you will think the same after you have read it.
The hardcover is washable and has a spiral binding so you can lay it flat when working. It is 265 pages with a wonderful source guide in the back.  I like to offer my readers the sources I use for my materials.
It has more than nine subjects in one book (Getting started, Crazy Quilting, Cottages, Watercolor painting, dyeing fabrics,
computer skills, photography,
Landscape/Seascape, Patterns,
Underwater, Stitch Guide, Source guide)  The step out photographs will really give you the confidence to create your own works of art.
It is color throughout with beautiful photographs and illustrations.
Each chapter is headed with a two page spread of photographs I have taken over the years too.  These photographs range from tree to doors to beach scenes.
You can order through my website and I will send you an autographed copy asap.
Fibreart Montage is being published by Dragon Threads of Worthington, Ohio.
You can see some of their beautiful books at www.dragonthreads.com

Cruisin!, We are going cruisin' one more week!!!
Pat and Len Tobin have aslo invited me to teach for their one week, 2012, Mexican
Riviera Cruise in March. This wonderful cruise is one week before the two week
Hawaiian Cruise. This means three glorious weeks of cruising if you choose.
Of course I said yes!!

Won't you please join me for a week of sun and fun along the Mexican Riviera?
I will prepare a crazy quilt project with a special vintage Mexican postcards and a
special Mexican Riviera seascape.
More News...
I have been busy working on two embroidery Apps for I Phone use!! I never thought I would be creating Apps let alone using an I Phone but I purchased one this March for my 65th birthday and it has made my life so much easier and efficient.

So when C& T Publishing approached me about creating embroidery how – to apps, I said yes! There will be two for embroidery stitches and one for silk ribbon embroidery. Watch for them to come out this fall!!

Great News For 2012!!!

I have agreed to teach for Pat and Len Tobin of Quilt Camp At Sea and we are going on a two week Hawaiian Cruise, March 17 to March 31, 2012.
The reason I am telling you about this cruise two years in advance is because it is booking out at such a rapid rate that even Pat and Len are surprised!! So many of the quilters are bringing friends and significant others and there are only so many spaces available.

Imagine! Two weeks of dancing every night, good food, beautiful sights, open seas, Hawaiian Islands along with needlework and quilting classes.
It doesn't get any better than that!!

The cruise line is Holland America and we will depart from San Diego, California. Save a couple of extra days to explore the San Diego Zoo and Sea World like we are going to do.

I will be teaching three crazy quilt classes and two seascape classes. All the classes are conducted while we are at sea. When we are at port it is free time for everyone!!!

Already I am working on class prototypes for the cruise. I am thinking vintage Hawaiian fabric designs and postcards along with exotic shell embellishments for the crazy quilt class. The finished project can be framed like a painting or used for a larger crazy quilt piece. The crazy quilt kits will be chock -a- block full of beautiful fabrics, threads, ribbons, trims and embellishments.

The seascape class will offer several photos and patterns of Hawaiian destination bays and ports. The kits will be filled with hand dyed fabrics, trims, yarns, picture matt, beads and embellishments....enough fabrics for more than one scene. When finished the seascape can be framed and hung with pride. This is a favorite class of mine because it brings out the artist in everyone!!!

For information about this very exciting cruise please contact:

Pat and Len Tobin
Pat Tobin, Quilting/Cruise Coordinator
Quilt Camp at Sea
Quilting Cruise Coordinators for Travel Leaders

Pat tells me there is a blog site now and you can check it out at

The Crazy Quilt DVD:
Judith Baker Montano Teaches You Crazy Quilting, produced by
Jane Moxey for C&T Publishing.  It was filmed in my new studio in La Veta and it is two hours long.  It thoroughly covers my method of piecing, embroidery and embellishments.  There is a fun feature in our garden and a segment on my crazy quilt art-to-wear garments and projects. 
You can purchase the DVD from me by going to Books and DVDs.

From C&T Publishing: My new “STITCH TOOL” It has a very long title….”Judith Baker Montano’s Embroidery & Crazy Quilt Stitch Guide” and features 180 stitches and combinations for hand embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, and crazy quilting.It is small and compact and comes with left and right hand illustrations in a handy stand-up format. You can order the Stitch Tool from me by going to Books and DVDs section.

From Robert Kaufman Fabrics:
“Botanica” is an opulent gathering of colourful designs. There is a wonderful Persian
carpet design, an antique English tile layout that is complimented with a stripe design and big overall floral chintz. There is a beautiful vintage Paisley and a rich, colourful seaweed design.  The blender is an amazing Victorian geometric.Botanica comes in three colour ways.
You can go to Robert Kaufman Fabrics for further information.
Be sure to check out our wonderful Radiance line which is 45% silk and 55% cotton,
I chose the colours to compliment my fabric lines. I designed the colors to compliment the “Botanica” line.  We have designed a line of embossed cotton velveteen named "Baroque" with a very low nap that is washable.
Also we have produced a wonderful jacquard weave, marbleized cotton which feature a floral and a dot pattern.  It is a new series of colors and has a lovely soft feel to it. I am thrilled to work for Robert Kaufman Co. who recognizes the need for Crazy Quilters and the Art Quilters.

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