From Treenway Silks ~ The Montano Series
I have been working on a line of variegated silk threads and ribbons with Treenway Silks of Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada and I am extremely proud of the whole line.
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These are brilliant hand-painted variegated silk yarns and ribbon for your quilting and stitching. A seductive variety of colourways includes combinations of rich, soft, vibrant and dusky hues. Colour changes occur at 1 1/2 to two inch intervals which produce painterly colour sequences. The colours are blended close together so that you get shading in your flowers and projects. The solid colours are added at 1 1/2" intervals, to create the beautiful variegates. This helps the embroiderer to achieve a more painterly look to a project.
Best of all we offer a dozen different green variegates.To me
this is one of the most important hints about silk ribbon embroidery.
** Every variety of plant has a different green leaf and
stem, therefore each variety of flower, shrub or tree
you work up requires a different green!**
We have a fabulous range of greens - from sagey desert greens, seaweed greens, gum tree greens, forest greens to garden greens! I think you will love them all. You can never have enough greens!!
The Montano series offers variegates that I use for my landscapes and free form embroidery as well as my crazy quilt projects. So you will see selections named...Ocean, Pebbles, Seaweed, Glacier Lake, Bark, Shell, Beach, Eucalyptus Bark and Slate. Another part of the series are beautiful variegates named after International places that I love such as La Veta, Tuscany, Taos, St. Thomas and several more.
Last but not least is the Cottage Garden Series which I am crazy about. There is an
eight colour variegate called Cottage Garden (light and dark). Added to this are many floral variegates such as Autumn Mums, Pussy Willow, Faded Rose, Lily, Concord,
Grape Hyacinth, Pansy, Daffodil, Fuchsia, Victorian Rose, Alberta Rose, Daylily,
Red Hot Poker, Poppy and Peach Phlox.