Years ago I purchased a Victorian pillow top from an antique store. It was black silk covered with 30 different velvet pansies. I took one apart and made a pattern from the pieces and worked out the procedure. I love to make them and they add wonderful interest to my embellished pieces and crazy quilting.
This is a class for all levels
SUPPLIES (Please refer to the basic supplies list also.)
• Variety of low nap, hand dyed velvets in
pansy colors.
• Green velvet for leaves
• Variety of variegated threads for button hole
• 12” sq. black fabric
• 12” sq. fusible stiffener
• 10” square of buchram (for brooch)
• Black embroidery floss for lines
• Yellow perle cotton for centers.
• Green embroidery thread for leaf outline
• 1.5” brooch pin
• Glue stick
• 8” sq. template plastic for pattern
• 10” sq. Wonder Under (optional)
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